Discover this crazy life hack to cheat the bedroom tax

The introduction of the “Bed Room Tax”* by the Government in 2013 left many people worse off, facing the prospect of having to move out of their home into non-existent smaller accommodation with all the upheaval, stress and disruption that entails or to somehow manage to get by on a reduced income. However due to a little known government scheme it’s possible to stay where you are and actually increase your income! This crazy life hack which they don’t want you to know about, revives an old-fashioned method of turning empty rooms into Tax Free income! Now obviously as it’s … Continue reading

Tax avoidance the carol

As yet another firm gets into trouble in social media for obeying the law and only paying the tax they were required to, time to bang the tax avoidance drum again in the form of a little ditty – and just remember tax avoidance is bad. On the first day of the tax year, my accountant sent to me, an ISA that is all tax free… +10

Everyday tax avoidance

So once more tax is in the news and the world and their dog seems to up in arms about people “avoiding” tax. Tax avoidance seems to currently be the fashionable thing to hate and who cares about the law or justice. Many people have said it before but it seems it’s worth repeating, tax evasion is illegal and naughty, tax avoidance is legal and is actually sometimes used by the state to encourage certain behaviors. The Government wanted more people to invest in film making so they gave tax relief to people that invested in films. So the government … Continue reading