Malevolent voices revisited

It seems that Mr Pullmans article is now back on line at the Times with not a word changed. Which would make me suspect it’s vanishing was merely due to technical issues with the publishing system used by the Times, except for the way it also vanished so quickly from the Google cache ( as others also noticed). Though whilst one should always remember the rule that given a choice between cock-up and conspiracy 99% of the time it’ll be cock up, sometimes conspiracy is the right choice and only by watching for patterns can one after a while make a better guess as to which is more likely. whilst there were some rumours that Mr Pullman wasn’t actually the author, he claims otherwise and had no idea why it vanished either. Still it’s back now so if you’ve not read it go and read it, even though its style isn’t to everyones taste and keep a copy just in case it gets lost again.

further commentary from: Heresy corner

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