UKIP losing the plot

The news is currently full of reports that Lord Pearson head of UKIP has announced that they’d like to ban the burqa. Oddly there’s nothing about this on the UKIP site, which makes me wonder how well thought out it is. Equally puzzling is why UKIP feel the need to announce such a policy, I don’t believe that “white working” class votes actually care that much about women dressing as daleks, and as Archbishop Cranmer expounds so well this policy really has nothing to do with UKIPs stated aim of getting us out of the EU. It’s got the Furries worried as well.

Unfortunately what it does do is add one more party to the list of authoritarian shits that want to restrict our freedoms and to control us by banning things. So no point in voting Lib/Lab/Con, the greens and BNP are no better so had been thinking I could vote UKIP to get out of Europe. But no. now it looks like the getting out of Europe comes with the same authoritarian, dog whistle package as all the rest. Best hope that LPUK and independents/jury team make a good showing as we’re running out of options for people actually in favour of freedom.

Does anyone have any idea what UKIP were thinking other than to grab some cheap headlines by shooting themselves in the foot?

update Leg Iron wonders if they’re not all trying to lose, there’s also a rather interesting take on the whole “ban the burqa” fashion over at Feminazery observing that banning it is as restrictive as enforcing it, and that given that fantasies of sex or revealing clothing can be seen as an excuse for rape that perhaps wearing a niquib or burqa might not actually be a very rational choice.

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