Appearance and aspiration will be subject to state control

They really can’t stop them selves it seems, proving that they can be just as keen on controlling every aspect of our lives as the last lot. To counter the cultural pressures of thin models our new equalities minister has it seems decreed that the new approved size and shape to aspire to is size 14 and buxom. She will apparently be holding a body confidence summit to try to persuade fashion editors to impose a new body fascism on the fairer sex in this country. No longer will they need to aspire to being thin, instead they’ll just have to worry if they’re buxom enough and are they more hourglass than egg timer.

The idea of not dictating role models presumably wasn’t an option. But as now thin is undesirable and obviously being over weight remains a horrendous crime it can’t be much longer before we have a single government approved body type. Obviously banning veils/niqabs and other facial covering will make it easier to identify people who fail to achieve the new government approved look.

I look forward to seeing if Laurie Penny will be complaining about this for dictating body shapes to women, or if it’ll be ok as it presumably isn’t the evil Bikini body

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