It’s all about the weather

For the first time in a while there’s sunshine out the window, so it’s time to dust off the cobwebs on here so what better place to start than talking about the weather or climate change depending on what it’s convenient to call it. One of the things that has made me pay attention to the weather quite a bit this year was the failure of my Boiler on the coldest day of the winter so far, which almost cost me 150 quid or so but fortunately it fixed itself first. It seems the problem was a known issue with condensing boilers. Now I could be being silly, but a boiler which tends to fail when it’s really cold seems like one hell of a design flaw to me.

Meanwhile various sources have been claiming that the recent weather is in fact evidence of global warming, which apparently can now be expected to cause greater more unpredictable variation in weather. Which does cover all the basis fairly well, though snow wise at least I’m sure I remember the same sort of amounts of snow from when I was young – that is of course only anecdote not data. One of the much quoted bits of historical data was that we apparently had one of the coldest days for a hundred years or so. Which whilst odd would seem to me to be within the realms of normal variation, given with flood defenses at least you tend to hear experts talking about preparing for 50 year, hundred year and so forth events. So last year we had the same sort of snow as back int the early eighties and this year we maybe had a hundred year temperature event, it doesn’t really make for a compelling trend yet.

But whether it’s due to Global warming or due to Solar Action there does now seem to be some agreement that we should maybe prepare for colder winters, which I’m quite sure is at odds with what we’ve been told in the past. Still as the climate will inevitably change, with or without mans help, it’d be jolly useful if the scientists could let us know if this is just a rare event or for what sort of weather should we be preparing. Do we need to concentrate on making sure we can cope with hard winters or hot summers (I suspect the former makes more sense as it seems to be more disruptive – but what do I know). Or perhaps it would be best if e just let the weather kill as many of us as possible (as a NOAA Climate Scientist suggests)?

What however is really puzzling me, and I may well have just missed it, is as the “science” of anthropomorphic climate change* is settled – what exactly are it’s predictions and how can it be falsified? As what counts as evidence for global warming/climate change seems to change every time the weather isn’t quite as expected – which at least when I was at school wasn’t how science was meant to work.

* Is that what we’re currently calling it?

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