Us and them

As I’m for the moment actually going into the office to work, I’m once more looking through the metro and two articles rather caught my eye, partly for the content but more so for the juxtaposition of what they reported. As other better bloggers have already commented on the individual incidents I’ll just link to those rather than adding my two penn’orth.
Article 1:
Devils kitchen and Big Brother Watch both nicely report on a man being prosecuted for “perverting the course of justice” due to flashing his headlights to warn other drivers of a speed trap – thus causing them to not break the law. Read their articles for the full insanity of this. Then also wonder who the victim was that caused him to also have to pay a fifteen pound victim surcharge.

Article 2:
This time just picked up on by Big Brother Watch but it seems that numerous public sector workers, nurses, police officers, social workers etc. are snooping on people they know by looking up information about them on the various government databases they have access to. Reportedly none of these have been prosecuted and of 31 people disciplined by Humberside police only one was dismissed.

So on the one hand if a member of the public warns people that they’re breaking the law they get prosecuted and a criminal record, on the other when employees of the state invade peoples privacy (and probably break various computer misuse and data protection laws) they suffer little to no penalty. It’s almost as though we were living in some sort of tin pot dictatorship where state apparatchiks were above the law.

Good job stuff like this isn’t a common occurrence or I might need to really start worrying

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