This is not the war you’re looking for

Due to having had a bit of social life this weekend I’m a tad behind with the obligatory comment on the September 11 anniversary – but as it’s apparently compulsory I can’t let the date pass uncommented. On the bright side it also means I can largely just link to other people that have said what I want to say so much better than I would. Let’s start the ball rolling with Penn and Teller (H/T Angry Exile) From how we’ve reacted to that one incident and the subsequent nonsense in London – has basically meant that from the get … Continue reading

Squaring a circle

Something that is rather puzzling me at the moment is the seemingly normal unevenness in the application of “law” and the acceptability of protest. I know it’s not really that surprising, and isn’t news but a few things have crossed my vision in the last week which do seem to suggest that we (in a collective national sense) have rather lost the plot. Most recently Orphans of Liberty report that a council has refused to give the EDL permission to lay a wreath at a memorial, and rightly asks the question since when did you need the councils permission to … Continue reading