AV – and simple maths

OK I promise not to say too much more about the AV referendum, I’ve been and voted, and really most everything that could be said has been. However I’m seeing loads of pro-AV articles at the moment, and there is a huge fallacy they’re promoting that is really starting to get on my nerves. The claim that to win in AV you have to have majority support is just nonsense, as a simplistic example can show (well simplistic examples are popular with Yes2AV so I don’t see why I can’t use them). Let’s consider 10 voters just because it makes … Continue reading

And I’m back

Just in case anyone was wondering, the server Anonymong is hosted on fell over rather seriously, and I’ve had to wait to be migrated to a new server and for everything to be restored. It looks like it’s all survived roughly intact – however I shall take advantage of the outage to just ignore all the things I’ve been meaning to comment on whilst work and other things have been busy and give myself a fresh start. 00

And so it came to pass

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and predictions not written down are easy to get right. However I recall quite a few years back wondering aloud to many people why the various factions in Northern Ireland were bothering as with the EU it’d all become moot anyway, as they’d just be regions of a greater EU state. I wasn’t that politically aware back then but with a single currency and European passports it seemed the logical end point, and once we were all just “Europeans” what would they be fighting for exactly? Via Leg Iron and by way of Witterings from … Continue reading