Spare a thought for Freddie

“I suspect the quietude we are currently seeing on (the Fred Goodwin) front is down to neither side of the political debate being able to claim crowing rights in the matter…” Continue reading

Happy new year

As the rest of today is going to involve the serious business of visiting friends and getting drunk, possibly in that order. I’d just like to wish all/both of my readers and various commentators a happy new year and pray god the next one’s better than the last. Usual lack of service will resume once the planned for hangover is gone, I plan to drink my months recommended drinking tonight as a minimum. Who knows I might even try to update a bit more next year. Have fun everyone … it’ll annoy the puritans. 00

Riot idiocy from the establishment

Having clearly demonstrated to the public at large that the police are at least currently not able/willing* to protect peoples saftey, homes and livelihoods and generally not being keen on people protecting themselves it’d seem that some council jobsworths aren’t even keen on letting people try and clean up their neighbourhoods due to the all powerful safety elf (hat tip London Cleanup). Meanwhile Darcus Howe is an utter cock. +20