In the pay of the bogey man

It’s too hot at the moment to write anything much so instead I’ll just share a couple of links, first from the ever informative Katabasis, it’d seem that evil big oil profits quite nicely from global warming alarmism thank you very much. Whilst on the subject of the bogey may I also draw your attention to this event Obviously you’ll only want to go to such an event if you’re in the pay of both big tobacco and big alcohol. Sadly I won’t be able to attend as I’ll be at a “big oil” sponsored event at the time doing … Continue reading

Back on the booze

Well to be fair I’ve not been off the booze, but I am I’m afraid going to go on about the increasing anti-drink agenda. I begin to sympathise with stuck records the world over. They are as Leg Iron has often observed using exactly the same tactics as they did with smoking. Camra and the pub trade are once more, as again LegIron observed, putting up no resistance but just hoping they’ll somehow be spared. The puritans are so blatant and unimaginative in their tactics that even the mainstream media is starting to pick up on it. But then again … Continue reading

Dehumanising demonstrated

Many other bloggers who I may have linked to once or twice in the past have commented before on the denormalisation of smoking, and the dehumanisation of one’s enemies is a tried and tested technique. So it was quite fascinating to watch a very blatant example of such a thing on BBC4 tonight in The Smoking years. Notionally a historical program the propaganda aspects weren’t even thinly veiled with smokers referred to as “creatures” and a separate species from early on and in the blurb on the BBC’s web site: “Timeshift reveals the story of the creature that is ‘the … Continue reading