A hung parliament?

I was always taught that it was “hanged” but still I think it’s an idea that many people could get behind: (Shamelessly lifted from The Anglo Saxon Chronicle) +2-1

Labours real direction

If there has ever been any doubt about the direction Labour and Gordon Brown in particular want to take this country, I think it’s safe to say that they have now let the cat out of the bag. “there is no rebellion against collectivism in the country (Tip of the tifter to Guido) So unless we want to end up with a collectivst state, which by dint of taking as much as possible from us by tax and then letting us claim back credits and benefits we’re well on the way towards, it seems that we need a bit of … Continue reading

Are they related?

Just over 400 years a after the last man to enter Parliament with honest intentions, someone who looks an awful lot like him is trying to get in by more orthodox means. Old Holborn is standing as the Jury Team candidate for Cambridge – get the low down on his official profile here. Hopefully he’ll do better than the man whose visage he shares. +10