Taxes…how much?!

What with various incidents in the news and my upcoming annual bonus (strictly performance related) I’ve been thinking about tax of late. This is normally something I avoid thinking about as the numbers normally annoy me no end, and from the few years where I had to do self assessments the paper work is even worse. With the Occupy crowd being forced to realise the difference between a right to protest and trespass, it was beholden on our glorious government to carry on with the Bank bashing. It seems that if your a bank keeping the law isn’t enough if … Continue reading

A straw poll

It would seem that over at Labour Lost they thing that people don’t actually really rather despise the current Labour party and that they’re not as unpopular as the Tories used to be. The Appalling Strangeness disputes this idea, so if you dislike the current Labour lot as much as the Tories of yesteryear go on over and say “Hi” – and add you name to those that do actually “hate and revile” labour. In the meantime have a cartoon (Thanks to Ara). (In other news work is excessively busy – so I’m being even quieter than usual. Just in … Continue reading