Post of the day

I know another post of the day and little more than a week since the last one. However I don’t intend to make a habit of it, and this post by the ever excellent Charlotte Gore is well worth the read: “They’ve created a hostile, malicious, suspicious country full of jealousy, envy, anger and hatred, winners and losers at each other’s throats because they know the only difference is that one’s got the Government on their side and the other’s got the Government actively working against them.“ +3-1

Plugging friends again

so someone else I know has dipped their toes into the cold and murky waters of blogging, and are far more likely to do a better job of it than I have. An ex-journalist (though as he’s started blogging so soon I wonder how big an ex that is) and all round good chap, I commend A Compendium of Mallin Miscellany for your delectation. Not much there yet but I suspect this is one to watch for a feet firmly on ground no tin foil in sight perspective. +3-1