Prescient campaigning

Much as I hate to bang on about the purple people over at “Take Back Parliament” but just noticed something rather interesting the domains and were registered before the election. Both domains were registered by Blue State Digitial on the 29th April as can be clearly seen from the whois data: Domain Name: TAKEBACKPARLIAMENT.COM Registrar: TUCOWS INC. Name Server: NS1.BLUESTATEDIGITAL.COM Name Server: NS2.BLUESTATEDIGITAL.COM Updated Date: 03-may-2010 Creation Date: 29-apr-2010 Expiration Date: 29-apr-2011 Domain Name:TAKEBACKPARLIAMENT.ORG Created On:29-Apr-2010 15:47:07 UTC Last Updated On:03-May-2010 16:42:03 UTC Expiration Date:29-Apr-2011 15:47:07 UTC Name Server:NS1.BLUESTATEDIGITAL.COM Name Server:NS2.BLUESTATEDIGITAL.COM Now of course it doesn’t hurt to … Continue reading

A letter to GreenPeace

As Greenpeace an international environmental campaign are backing “Take back Parliament” which strikes me as a tad odd, I thought I’d write to them and ask: 1) How it fitted with their other campaigns and will they be campaigning in other countries? 2) If they felt it was appropriate for an international charity such as themselves to be campaigning to change the electoral system of a democratic nation? My e-mail is below, and I shall report on any response I get, I’d also note that they don’t mention this sort of campaigning on their donate page – hardly honest open … Continue reading

Welcome to Lisbon

Yesterday very late in the day I posted a link to Captain Ranty‘s summary of what we were about to lose under the Lisbon treaty. I like I suspect many other people have never read the 294 pages that make up the Lisbon treaty, and so (much to my shame) wasn’t aware of just what it meant. Now it’s in force so we’ll be fighting to regain what has been lost rather than to defend what we have, which is always a much trickier battle. Archbishop Cranmer as ever provides a nice historical perspective. To understand just what this treaty … Continue reading