Images, logos and plans

Not quite the second post I’d expected to write, but the others are taking longer than I expected, so I thought I’d share a few graphics instead, partly in response to anonymous comment to my last post and in response to something Old Holborn is talking about.

A while back I had the idea of printing small moo/business cards with a suitable logo on them and some text on the back that might prompt a spark of thought in people. I’d then leave them in books in book shops, tucked into poster frames and where ever else people might happen across them. Basically following age old traditions of viral marketing as it’s now called or flyering as it used to be. This plan is now under way with the first set of cards gradually escaping with the aid of some other people who thought it was worth a try.
Remember remember

The odd pattern on the left is a QR Code that will take suitably equipped phones to the youtube video of a certain speech. The next version I’ll include a text link below it as well. I’ve no idea how well this will work but at 10 quid for 100 cards I figure it can’t hurt to try. I’ll also be getting a load of badges made with the “Remember remember” image on it on a black background, if you want a couple of the badges ( pictures will be posted once I have them, and I’ll make the template used available at that time as well if they’re any good ) get in touch and I’ll post them out, first come first served. ( Given I suspect virtually no one reads this, I suspect this is a very safe offer. )

Remember remember
A rather large and high res version of the image can be grabbed here and the image used to make the moo card can be grabbed here. The art work is original so feel free to use, though it is of course quite possible that Warner Bros feel they have ownership of the mask/Guy Fawkes image these days.

Anyway enjoy and make use of the images as you will

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2 Responses to Images, logos and plans

  1. State Nme says:

    This is a good idea. You should have a link to a website (or a few) on the back or at the bottom of the card as well as the speech.
    In libraries you could place it in copies of Alan Moore’s graphic novel…

    Liberty! Forever!

    State Nme

  2. Giolla says:

    The odd square thing is a quick code to go to the V speech, the next version will have a URL as well. Part of my problem is what website to link to. The speech is excellent but possibly a little obscure and I don’t want to link to any party site.

    Any suggestions?