More demo’s on the 31st

As I mentioned a little while ago a rather dubious organization is planning a “procession” to call for the over throw of the government, monarchy and democracy in this country. The views of this group are rather unsurprisingly not widely supported being as they are just a few noisy extreme Muslims, however the march is significant so again unsurprisingly there is now a counter demonstration being organized by Muslims4UK, and British Muslims for Secular Democracy. Hopefully this will be a much larger demonstration, especially if those of us who are also rather against the ideas behind the initial “procession” turn up to be counted as well, as we have been invited to do.

Date: Saturday Oct 31 2009
Time: 13,00 to 16.00
Venue: Piccadilly Circus

(I sadly won’t be there due to being a few hundred miles away but I will be back for the 5th).

One thing though that may make this counter demonstration somewhat fraught or at least interesting is that the EDL seem to have changed their minds and despite initially saying that they were not counter demonstrating against Islam4UK they now are. Which may lead to some tension as the Muslims4UK group are against the EDL as much as they’re against the Islam4UK group saying:

“to the EDL: You do not represent English people. You are clearly looking to incite trouble.”

So with them both in the same place protesting against the same other group of protesters it may as I say become interesting. With luck it may become interesting in a positive way, with reconciliation of differences and increased understanding brought about by a shared opponent.

just to round things off the EDL have a promo video for their demo which as some very stirring music but really isn’t nearly as nice as the promo video made by
British Muslims for Secular Democracy under the moniker of

So if I could make it I’d be with the group with the amusing signs.

Update Facebook event here

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