local grumblings from Whitby

I’m not a Whitby local, but due to being of a dodgy Gothic persuasion I seem to have spent quite a bit of time there over the last 10 plus years. For anyone who’s never been there it’s a lovely place and well worth the visit, but it’s been the suspicion amongst some gothic Whitby goers for a while that Scarborough council (which covers Whitby as well) has been rather jealous of Whitby’s popularity and has tried to push events out of Whitby in the hopes they’d end up in Scarborough. A quite laughable hope in the case of the goth events at least. With this suspicion of animosity from the larger town where the council is based meant that I wasn’t hugely surprised when I got pointed towards the Real Whitby Magazine and their reports of the neglect of the town, it’s harbour, bridges and general infrastructure. I was surprised at the scale of the neglect and the level of damage being risked to the local economy (which wouldn’t help Scarborough any) as Whitby is still a working fishing harbour.

Beyond the local fishing industry Whitby also has rather a good tourist industry, so that state of disrepair the harbour piers have been allowed to get into seems to be an exceptionally stupid double blow. In the spirit of modern activism there is an on-line petition to try and persuade Scarborough council to actually maintain the infrastructure they’re responsible for so if you’ve ever been to Whitby you might want to consider signing the Save Our Whitby Piers Petition.

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4 Responses to local grumblings from Whitby

  1. Nigel Ward says:

    The need for people power is clearly illustrated by the absence of accountability and the refusal of elected representatives to go out and demand it. See what I mean?


    • Giolla says:


      the inability of our elected representatives anywhere to actually represent us seems to be a universal constant. Though that said I’m amazed that none of them have even made some sort of sympathetic noises whilst blaming someone else for being thee reason they can’t actually do anything.

      To misquote a once popular song:
      They’re no bloody use to anyone
      They’re no bloody use at all.

  2. Woman on a Raft says:

    Whitby would be better served by having an Esk Valley authority to represent the interests of Whitby, the towns along the river and possibly even Robin Hood’s Bay, as they all have similar economic profiles.

    Last April it was obvious that the unhelpful behaviour of Scarborough (which books the pavillion and spa) had cost the Whitby money. Two minutes thought would have shown that the way to maximize the takings for everybody would be to offer the Bram Stoker international film festival the first weekend of the autumn half-term and the High Gothic halloween weekend at the end, increasing the chances of people attending all the way through or taking short breaks rather than just popping up for a day.

    For some reason nobody seems capable of appreciating (and I’m thinking of one person in particular) that Jo Hampshire is the goose which lays the golden eggs, so the way for everyone to get rich is to help her do the music festival which attracts the core supporters and then everything else follows naturally, including the surrounding markets, and for that to coincide with half term which delivers the maximum number of customers.

    I am sure there will be a reasonable WGW turn-out for Nov 5 and I would love to be there, but it’s a long way for just one evening in term time, even allowing for the spectacular car show which is now going to be on that day. I’ll have to think about it carefully.

    • Giolla says:

      As only a regular visitor, better representation of any sort would be a huge improvement, an Esk Valley authority does make an awful lot of sense.

      To be fair part of the problem with the Goth festival this year has been down to internal politics, which has royally pissed off all us mere punters, but that aside not being able to have the Goth weekend over Halloween is going to really drop everyone’s takings. I know a bunch of people are going for the Bram Stoker thing because that’s the weekend they always go, other people are doing the following weekend, but a lot of people are just skipping it altogether. I would have gone to the proper event after the weekend after Halloween, but I need to be in London to go for a walk on the 5th (more on which very shortly) so it’s not really worth going this time (though I’ll be back in the spring).

      For all we bitch about Jo in the pub she has kept the festival going for this long, and it would be lovely if everyone invovled could just actually work together so we all know when to turn up, as as long as Jo’s side happens then all the fringe events do follow as you say, and if people work together then us punters get a better time and everyone running it makes more money (I know quite a few of the people running stalls hate the way it’s been split this year as it doesn’t make sense to do both weekends so they have to guess which one is most viable).

      I think the turnout on the 5th will be low, but hopefully not too low – with luck it’ll recover next year. As I say I’m skipping the 5th as it’s too much of a dash to get up there after the stroll in London.