And now for something completely different

An almost complete break from politics now, as I suspect my current project may amuse some of you. This also counts as evidence why prohibition is always doomed and the decline in drinking should be taken with a pinch of salt, where by pinch I mean a large bucket full.

So the story starts with this rather amusing photoshop image that got posted to facebook:
marmite absinthe
Now a friend of a friend works in a place where they could verify that this si sadly a joke and not a real product. However as a bit of a home brewer and back before decent absinthe could be easily bought a dabbler in what could be done by way of herbs to make palatable DIY absinthe, the only course of action open to me upon discovering this was a joke was to cause Marmite absinthe to exist, after all what’s the worst that could happen? Now it so happens there is a recipe for a Marmite based booze called “Holy Water” (I’ve no idea why), this recipe suggest the following:

“4lb sugar
7.5 pints water
1tsp citric acid
1tsp yeast nutrient
1tsp marmite
1tsp wine yeast

Heat half the water to just before boiling point & stir in the sugar & marmite until fully dissolved. Pour into the demijohn & add the rest of the water. Allow to cool to room temp, then add the citric acid, yeast nutrient & yeast. Attach the airlock & bung & allow to ferment out, which it should do rather quickly (ten to fourteen days) Serve with cordials to make them alcoholic.”

Now obviously that’s never going to be up to the task of Marmite-Absinthe, so I tweaked the recipe slightly and decide to start with this:
Marmite Absinthe the ingredients
That should brew out to about 20% in a couple of weeks, maybe slightly lower as I’m using cheap sugar from lidl rather than dextrose but it’ll do. Then to blend it with Absinthe or with herbs or both I’m making about 20 litres of this stuff for about 50p a litre I can afford to experiment. So in less than a month I’ll have some very cheap, possibly ghastly, falling down juice that will likely be brown so if I stick a cog on it it’ll be steampunk and thus cool. Really what could possibly go wrong, I even get to upset the prohibitionists while I’m at it, just ignore the fact it already looks like this:
It's life Jim but not as we know it

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5 Responses to And now for something completely different

  1. I understand the principle of feeding a brewing derivative back in to the fermentation process, but you seem to be adding cat food, shampoo and Mr Sheen to this.

    Oh well, I suppose it will have an interesting head.

    • Giolla says:

      One has to experiment with these things, so far it tastes “interesting” and it seems to be thinking about finishing fermenting.

  2. Momma L says:

    The original image above of the Marmite Absinthe is mine. I made it as part of a competition involving Marmite.

    Amazed to see how far my little dip into photo editing has gotten!

    • Giolla says:

      It’s an awesome photo :)
      Initial trials suggest that Marmite absinthe oddly works, though so far just the blended marmite/absinthe mix has been tested not the from scratch stuff

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