The Guardian serenade

400,000 people take part in prodemocracy protests in Mexico

400,000 people take part in prodemocracy protests in Mexico

Having mentioned the “Yo Soy 132” protests the other day I thought I should do a little bit of a follow up, as they’ve now serenaded the Guardian. As the elections are this weekend the BBC seem to have finally decided it’s worth some coverage, though still not mentioning the protests. The Guardian does better and even mentions the student demo’s and the name of the movement, though don’t seem to want to mention the serenade. As the picture above shows this isn’t a small protest movement we’re talking about here, yet coverage really does remain scant, and still the “left-wing” blogs which normally like this sort of thing seem very silent, but then as chtodelat news reports “It’s kind of a weird movement”. That report may hold the key as to why so many blogs and bits of the MSM that one might normally expect to cover this sort of movement are ignoring it “it started in the private universities, in a very upper class Catholic private university”. Private education and Catholics obviously this pro-democracy movement must be a work of evil!! I’m sure I’m just picking the wrong search terms or something, so do let me know if you think I’ve missed it, in the meantime I’ll continue to find the silence on this slightly odd. Though a cynical suggestion was made to me that money lack of boat rocking and protection of oil supplies might explain some of it. I think the silence from certain sections of the blogosphere is more likely explained for the reasons given above.

Anyway I wish Mexico the best of luck with their elections and leave you with a video of the serenade.

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