The Guardian serenade

Having mentioned the “Yo Soy 132” protests the other day I thought I should do a little bit of a follow up, as they’ve now serenaded the Guardian. As the elections are this weekend the BBC seem to have finally decided it’s worth some coverage, though still not mentioning the protests. The Guardian does better and even mentions the student demo’s and the name of the movement, though don’t seem to want to mention the serenade. As the picture above shows this isn’t a small protest movement we’re talking about here, yet coverage really does remain scant, and still the … Continue reading

Not in the news

With the recent G20 summit in Mexico you’d have thought all things Mexican would be in the news but oddly not. It would seem that they’ve got a bit of a student protest movement going on over there which has inevitably been dubbed the Mexican spring. It’s got all of what should be the required ingredients to make the news: Student protests Loose connection to the occupy movement Easy to remember group name “Yo Soy 132” Pro-democracy/anti-corruption stance And yet it’s been really quite absent from the mainstream news as far as I can see. In fact the only reason … Continue reading