More reasons why I like Frank Turner

Apart from the fact that he made this rather awesome song:

He also just posted this blog, which has this rather nice paragraph:
“Incidentally, here’s some things I’m not: “Tory”, “conservative”, or “Republican”. If you don’t know the difference between these and libertarians, I suggest reading up a little before slagging me off. I don’t consider myself “right wing” either. I’m just not a leftist.”

The rest of his music is pretty good as well, so go read the blog article then go listen to and buy some of his music (For the record I’m not in the pay of big Frank Turner).

Update The Devil’s Kitchen has has more, including a link to the Gruniad article

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2 Responses to More reasons why I like Frank Turner

  1. Delerium says:

    Hi you, to which FT song are you referring? My IE9 is not showing an icon or link. Thanks for this post, and for introducing me to Frank Turner’s music, it really is great lyrically and musically and he has a wicked sense of humor, or is that a Brit thing :)

    The blog post is very interesting to me as well, I am probably guilty of having made assumptions about his politics, and yay to him for being committed to the music as opposed to using it as a platform for political change… Funny how when it’s about the “poem” and not the “poet,” it inspires people to choose for themsleves what they want to change (hmmm, what a libertarian concept)

    Also, thank you for teaching me that if one buys the music from the artist’s website, they retain more of what I pay for it; I never knew that.