Technical difficulties

Test card Sorry for being even quieter than normal, and sorry if you’ve been having difficulty getting to the site. It seems my service provider decided to move the server without bothering to tell me, in theory I think they hoped this would be transparent as they’d put some sort of proxy up to redirect things. Obviously this didn’t actually work terribly well (at least not for me) so I’ve been unable to reply to comments or update anything. However I think I’ve worked out where my server now actually is so I’ve updated things which should mean that it’s all returned to your normal lack of service. In trying to fix things I’ve also played around with the lay out a bit removing the twitter and facebook feeds, if you really miss these let me know I’ll bring them back but it all seems a bit faster without them.

Anyway don’t expect much by way of updates till after Sunday as I’m off to a beer festival and then there’s the Eurovision final so….

Oh and as I’ve still not being told anything official by my service provider it may of course all break again.

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