The time swift approaches for a little walk

This year has rather flown by, with revelations of how we’re being spied upon on a scale that would cause many of us to reach for our tin foil hat, the climate apparently isn’t melting down as fast as the “consensus” previously thought, we seem to have avoided yet another middle eastern war for the moment, the current Government continue to prove themselves as bad as the last lot and not really any different, the EU staggers on and of course the puritans are still trying for ever tighter controls on fun (particularly of the smokey drinky kind). So really not a hell of a lot has changed and little of it for the better, so time to go for a gentle stroll around Westminster and a drink in a pub and see how twitchy the powers that be have become about people wandering around in masks.

Of course Anonymous finally got a calendar last year and so will be back this year in the evening, personally I’m sticking to Old Holborns tradition and a nice civilized walk, during the day admiring all the new CCTV and security measures that have put in place around Westminster. But who knows if I’m still in the area I might wander out in the evening to see how the Anonymous march is going as it starts from Trafalgar Square at 6, in conjunction with the TUC, CND, Occupy and well to turn a well used phrase “all the usual suspects”. It may well be interesting to see how welcoming they are to all ideas as they claim, and to once more ask what change they’ve after what their end goal is, how will they know when they’ve succeeded that sort of thing. They may in the end prove to have the more successful strategy for some definition of success but I really can’t support any group whose motto contains the line:
“We do not Forgive”
I also can’t believe that a better future can be built without forgiveness and with all views being represented then whose goals are they marching for, the over throw of what we have but for what?

So if you fancy a gentle stroll with the odd stop for refreshment I’ll be in the Chandos around midday on November the 5th – same as every year. But I won’t be joining anonymous- though I may drop by for a chat (as that went so well last time).

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