In the interest of democracy

(This was originally posted to the book of face)

Dear Internet,

It hasn’t failed to escape my attention that there’s a general election thingy fast approaching. So in line with posts I’ve seen from quite a few of my friends I would urge you all to get out and vote – but if you vote or even just think about voting for a party I don’t like please de-friend yourself immediately. As we’re all mature adults and capable of reasoned and intelligent debate please beware that I’m not interested in knowing your reasons or any details of your local situation or specifics of the candidates you have to choose from. It’s quite clear that democracy can’t possibly benefit from discussion of opposing view points and further I value you so little as a friend that your reasons are of no importance to me. Simply by considering voting for a party I disapprove of – for what ever reason – you have proved yourself to be so far beyond the pale that I must request that you remove yourself entirely from my social circle – I would do it myself but that wouldn’t be passive aggressive enough and would involve my taking ownership of my own narrow-mindedness (also we still have that awkward private ballot thing – and I have no way of knowing what you think).
No matter it is quite clear that only utterly reprehensible people could possibly even consider voting for parties I disapprove of and as such there is no value in talking to you about it if you are having such thoughts. No matter what other evidence I have from years of friendship that you generally have views worth discussing.

So I urge you once more please remember to vote for parties I don’t dislike and if you even think about voting for a party I dislike please remove yourself from my echo chamber as that’s the best way for a healthy democracy to work.

Thank you.

For those of you not fluent in sarcasm I refer you to my previous post on this matter.

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