Brexit pledges all bollox

In the run up to the EU referendum I can’t help but notice that both sides have spent an awful lot of effort in pledging that if we vote leave/remain then this that or the other will happen. They’ve also spent about as much time rubbishing the pledges made by the other side. A quick search of the news shows how much time and effort has been spent making and reporting on these pledges. Now in many things with regards to the EU referendum we simply don’t know what will happen, we have some guesses in the short term but long know one has a clue what will actually happen just guesses. However all these pledges they’re a different category of thing, we can safely say that they are all utter stuff and nonsense and should be ignored. Why can we say this? Simply because neither the “Leave” nor “Remain” are the government of the day, nor will they form the government after the referendum. Whilst they may have their figures right (though that’s unlikely) neither side has any control over how the Government of the day will handle things. The day after the referendum no matter what the result, neither campaign is going to suddenly be in power so neither side can say what the government will do.

So ignore the “Pledges” and claims about what the government will do following a vote to Leave/Remain it’s all utter bollox – as it won’t be in the hands of either campaign group. All they can do is suggest possible scenarios that could happen, depending on how the rest of the world reacts and what the government of the day (which won’t be them) decides to do.

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