Those Flexcit links in full

In what I don’t think came as any surprise to anyone who’d been paying the slightest bit of attention, neither the exit campaign nor the Government had even the slightest inkling of a plan as to what to do if the people actually voted to leave. Really given they did exactly the same thing for the Scottish referendum that they’d do so again is of no shock. This has caused quite a bit of consternation amongst those that voted remain and people that expect our Government to display any degree of competence. Well the good news is that there are really quite well thought out plans out there and they’re free to download so a clever politician could just use them and not tell anyone. Equally you could read these plans and if you think they make sense urge your MP to go and do the same, having a plan will make the markets happier and make things better for everyone all round.

For those paying attention I have previously spoken of the creators of this plan is less than glowing terms and I stand by that – but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a well thought out and bloody sensible plan (you don’t have to like the messenger to appreciate the value of the message) . So here you go all the Flexcit links you need:

I’d recommend reading the first two at least, and maybe start you MP out on the second or third.

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