Virtue signalling in progress

Caution: Virtue signalling in progress In the wake of the Brexit referendum there has been a significant increase in virtue signalling. Detailed statistics are currently unavailable, but significant increase in virtue signalling have been widely observed across all social media. Whilst the situation is being monitored it is currently thought that the afflicted are not contagious and pose only a low threat to democracy at this time. The current outbreak appears to be predominantly amongst those that voted to remain in the EU.

This worrying trend has been typified by behavior such as:

  • Posting supportive messages saying “all immigrants are welcome” but keeping the post locked to friends only.
  • Telling everyone that you’re wearing a #SafetyPin because you “want people to know that [you] read the Guardian, not the Express”.
  • Holding all Brexit voters responsible for any racist or unpleasant behavior now seen in the UK, despite previously declaring that just because people share a belief system used to justify terrorism it’s nothing to do with them.
  • Trumpeting as an achievement lack of reported racism in areas with very low immigrant numbers

If you encounter such behavior it is strongly recommended that you do not engage with the sufferer but instead back away slowly, avoiding making sudden moves that may startle them. If you are responsible for the care of an afflicted person buy them an artisanal spiced latte and escort them calmly to the nearest state sanctioned safe space.

If you are concerned about the impact of racism in your community then #dontbearacistdick.

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