Paying the price of Brexit?

Francois Hollande amongst others have recently been saying that the “UK must pay price for Brexit”. Similar things were said before the Brexit vote and they puzzled me then and continue to puzzle me now. Mr Hollande has reportedly said that:
“There must be a threat, there must be a risk, there must be a price”
and also that:
“other countries or other parties will be minded to leave the European Union in order to have the supposed benefits and no downsides or rules”

Now if being part of the EU is an awesome deal then just leaving the EU, no matter what terms you negotiate could surely never be as good as being in the EU. On the other hand if a country can negotiate a better deal for itself by being out of the EU but with appropriate terms, and this is possible for a multitude of countries – then surely this tells us that the EU is not actually the optimal solution. If the majority of the people of Europe would be better off if their countries left the EU and negotiated different terms, then surely the EU needs to reform itself along the lines of whatever those terms might be to best serve the peoples of Europe. Surely after all the countries that would be better off on different terms have left, the remaining members of the EU will be in an even better position as they’ll be able to more easily optimize the terms of the EU for the good of their people.

Now if the above isn’t the case, and that the EU actually depends upon there being net winners and net losers, then it’s surely beholden on the governments of every country that is a net loser to leave the EU for the betterment of their own people. Which rather leads me to the conclusion that as the great and good of the EU are talking about making sure that the UK “pays the price” for leaving the EU that price the UK would be better off. This in turn suggests that the UK is in fact worse off by being in the EU.

There might be another explanation, but it seems to me that the only logical conclusion to be drawn from the EU needing to punish the UK for leaving to discourage others from leaving is that both the UK and other countries would be better off out and that it’s the EU that would suffer from a free association of trading countries.

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2 Responses to Paying the price of Brexit?

  1. Griblet says:

    Hollande, snigger, a dead politico walking. I would suggest that we inform the Vichy govt. that along with Brexit comes the banning of all French goods into the UK if they so much as look askance in our direction, let alone threaten us. Same with Germany. Let’s see who cracks first.

    France will have its own problems when the delightful Marine le Pen starts to make major inroads into their political landscape.

    As for countries being better off out of the EU that’s a given. Any normal, observant and informed person in any country knows that the EU is a lumbering, monolithic monstrosity whose day came and went in the 1950s. The fact that Junker, Schulz et al are still trying to prop the crumbling edifice up with threats shows that they know it too.

    When the EU finally falls it will be the same as when the Berlin wall came down, dancing in the streets. Apart from the UK obviously where the know nothing fuck-nut snowflakes outweigh the rest of us, except when it’s a referendum :)

    The only thing likely to bring misery upon the UK over Brexit is the lack of political will to do the right thing. Politicians are many things, liars, dolts and untrustworthy toe-rags but most of all they’re cowards. Every single last one of them. If it’s a choice of the gravy train or the people whom they’re supposed to represent the train wins every single time.

    Which is why I take no part in any political construct preferring instead to watch amusedly as the greasy pole climbers fight to be remembered as something more than sewer rats. They all fail.

    Life is about living and no-one needs the EU or politicians to live their lives.
    To paraphrase John Betjeman, “Come, friendly bombs and fall on Belgium.”

    Must dash now as I’ve got several bottles of fine red wine to imbibe plus copious amounts of whatever spirit takes my fancy. Oh and the sensory fulfilling beauty of fine Virginia tobacco encased in a liquorice paper tube. It’s something me and Vanessa Paradis have in common… actually it’s the only thing.

    • Giolla says:

      Whilst I’ve always held the view that most countries would be better off out of the EU, it’s interesting to be able to demonstrate it logically from the words of the EU proponents. I think it makes a better argument when trying to convince those that don’t already hold the same point of view.

      I think you hit the proverbial nail on the head when you say :
      “The only thing likely to bring misery upon the UK over Brexit is the lack of political will to do the right thing.”
      This is the great danger, “brexit means brexit” is a wonderful but meaningless soundbite, we need politicians with vision, conviction and boldness sadly they’re in short supply. So a craven, inward looking deal that tries to cleave as close to the EU as possible, could end up with us tied to the sinking ship that’s the EU rather than setting an example of what can be done with a genuinely global outlook.