Vested interest in the NHS exploiting the developing world

Bloody Money AcceptedIt’s good to see that the Junior Doctors have called off their strike for the time being, but it’s worth remembering that the shortage of doctors in this country is entirely artificially created and maintained by the doctors union the BMA. Why does the NHS depend upon poaching Doctors from other countries robbing them of skilled professionals that those countries need? The BMA. Why are there so few Junior doctors, such that they have to work unrealistically long hours endangering patients (except when they’re paid enough)? The BMA. Why can’t we just train more doctors? The BMA.

Being a Doctor in the UK requires you to join a closed shop where the numbers are limited, accreditation is by the BMA a trade union which negotiates pay, sets the regulations and controls the numbers of people allowed to do the work to ensure high wages and job security. This is of course exactly what a trade union should be doing, but as a country we shouldn’t be allowing our entire health service to be forced to dance to the tune of such blatant self interest. Why do we depend upon foreign doctors to ensure the health service can work? Because the BMA repeatedly votes to limit the number of medical students in the UK to ensure high wages and job security.
“Delegates at the annual BMA conference voted by a narrow majority to restrict the number of places at medical schools to avoid “overproduction of doctors with limited career opportunities.” They also agreed on a complete ban on opening new medical schools.”
“Recommendations to reduce the number of medical students could help alleviate the risk of unemployment among newly qualified doctors, the BMA has agreed.
A government-commissioned report advises a 2 per cent reduction in medical school intakes in England from next year, with the situation revisited in 2014 and reassessed every three years.”

So whilst we’re being told that the NHS is under staffed, under funded and utterly dependent upon us poaching doctors from other countries the BMA is working to reduce the number of people in the UK that can become doctors to ensure high wages and no competition. These are not the actions of people acting selflessly for the health and good of their community. This is blatant rent seeking and regulatory capture. In almost all other fields the destruction of the closed shop has lead to an improvement in standards and a reduction in costs – so no wonder the BMA are so dead set against it.

The myths spun by the BMA are so effective that when talking about the “privatisation of the NHS” the fact that every GP’s surgery is a private enterprise sub-contracted to the NHS is completely ignored. GP’s the part of the NHS that we interact with the most are privatised and always have been. If we want to nationalise the NHS perhaps we should start with the GPs and by abolishing the BMAs immoral strangle hold on our health services that robs other countries of vital medical staff?

For utter brass neck we are expected to believe that the NHS is dependent on foreign doctors working over here, and thus on remaining part of the EU (EU immigrants make up 10% of registered doctors) whilst at the same time we’re told to fear that training more doctors might mean they work abroad.

According to the General Medical council 36.1% of doctors in the UK trained abroad and yet the BMA are reducing the number of doctors that can train in the UK!! We’re dependent on poaching over 15,000 doctors from other countries, but are planing a “reduction of 124 students from this year’s target of 6,195.” So next time the BMA or a junior doctor tries to claim the the Government are trying to impose unrealistic conditions on them and that we’re short of doctors – remember that they’re the ones limiting the numbers to line their own pockets, and when they complain against the privatization of the NHS it’s the BMA’s own members who are quite happy to run private businesses that charge the NHS for their services.

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