Vested interest in the NHS exploiting the developing world

It’s good to see that the Junior Doctors have called off their strike for the time being, but it’s worth remembering that the shortage of doctors in this country is entirely artificially created and maintained by the doctors union the BMA. Why does the NHS depend upon poaching Doctors from other countries robbing them of skilled professionals that those countries need? The BMA. Why are there so few Junior doctors, such that they have to work unrealistically long hours endangering patients (except when they’re paid enough)? The BMA. Why can’t we just train more doctors? The BMA. Being a Doctor … Continue reading

Medic-alert not exactly a radical idea

Today I witnessed what could only be described as a furious shitstorm via my lesser used Facebook feed. It contains a vast majority of highly opinionated, self-righteous do-gooders and as such I tend to avoid checking in and reading it. But today was not one of those days and I logged in to find a steady stream of outrage regarding the comments made by Chamali Fernando, Conservative parliamentary candidate for Cambridge. For those who haven’t yet read the story, it can be read here: And here: And also here: You get the gist. Almost every article almost … Continue reading