Leave? We should be so lucky

Sometimes not checking my e-mail works out rather well, as in this case it rather pulled together a few bits. The Telegraph tells us that Germany is desperate for the UK to not leave the EU. Presumably because if we do they’ll be left to pick up the bill for the Euro, but all the time we’re around they can pass some of it our way despite all the measures allegedly designed to stop non-euro members getting shafted by it. I do love the comment Ms Merkel made: “You can be very happy on an island, but being alone in … Continue reading


Falkland Islands 30 years on

Thirty years ago today British forces liberated the Falkland Islands from Argentinian occupation. Possibly the most justified use of British forces since the end of the second world war (even allowing for the Belgrano). Yet now thirty years down the line the Argentinians are once more sabre rattling over the Falkland Islands, imposing shipping restrictions in the area. Of course I’m sure this has nothing to do with the possibility of the Falkland Islands having oil, nor distracting from local issues in Argentina. So to try to send a clear message to the Argentinians the Falkland Islanders are going to … Continue reading

A new bill of rights?

Friday see’s the end of the consultation period for our new bill of rights, or as Mr Cameron would have it our bill of rights, as he seems to be unaware of the existing documents which form our constitution (H/T