A few hours till voting starts

So in a few hours people to start to vote on what we’re told is the most important matter for generations, how we get to pick our corrupt troughing MP’s every 5 years. They’ve generously given us the choice between no change or the absolutely smallest change possible. Though of course if we change to AV it would kill off any chance of introducing the real changes we need, as AV will have to be given a chance – 50 years or more to work out the bugs and let people get used to it (so goodbye to right to … Continue reading

And so it came to pass

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and predictions not written down are easy to get right. However I recall quite a few years back wondering aloud to many people why the various factions in Northern Ireland were bothering as with the EU it’d all become moot anyway, as they’d just be regions of a greater EU state. I wasn’t that politically aware back then but with a single currency and European passports it seemed the logical end point, and once we were all just “Europeans” what would they be fighting for exactly? Via Leg Iron and by way of Witterings from … Continue reading

Navel gazing

I’m afraid I must indulge in that most terrible of things, a blog post about blogging. Having had to think about why I joined OH on hist first little stroll and why I continued almost on my own the other day I also started to think about why I’m writing here and what I want to achieve with both of them if anything. +1-1