Democracy, the EU and the MPS

Great minds think a like they say, and also that what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. So after our wonderful elected representatives decided that it wasn’t safe to even discuss holding a referendum about joining the EU. It looks as though we’ll have to take a leaf out of their book, and following the Irish principle just keep asking them again and again. Spotting a passing bandwagon they jump on to be anti the government they’re in, the Limpdems have set up a petition to ask for a referendum again (see linked image), and there’s a … Continue reading

95 years on

Via a friend I’m reminded that 95 years ago today was the opening day of the Somme, and by 12:30 PM over 50,000 of Britain’s soldiers were dead or wounded. A mere 95 years after that event our politicians would sneak our honoured dead out the service entrance when they’re brought back home “to avoid public scenes of emotion”. No matter what we may think about the conflicts we’re involved in, the soldiers who give their lives for this country deserve to be publicly honoured and their sacrifice acknowledged and remembered. Please sign the petition to prevent them being brought … Continue reading

It’s just pining

Just for a change I’m really behind all the cool kids in getting round to comment on the recent Libertarian party debacle. I don’t know any of the people involved, though having read Anna Raccoons blog for quite a while if the counter claims against her were true it would be as disappointing as if her claims were true. The entire situation was really enough to make one lose heart entirely, having held quiet this long though does mean that more information has crept out and LPUK have joined the ranks of the major parties in going for the whitewash … Continue reading