Democracy, the EU and the MPS

Real referendumGreat minds think a like they say, and also that what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. So after our wonderful elected representatives decided that it wasn’t safe to even discuss holding a referendum about joining the EU. It looks as though we’ll have to take a leaf out of their book, and following the Irish principle just keep asking them again and again. Spotting a passing bandwagon they jump on to be anti the government they’re in, the Limpdems have set up a petition to ask for a referendum again (see linked image), and there’s a new e-gov petition as well. With luck eventually they’ll hold a referendum just to shut us up, probably when it’s getting round to election time. Mind it would be foolish to underestimate just how good our glorious leaders are at ignoring us, and stickign their fingers in their ears and going “lah lah lah can’t hear you”, so maybe it’s time to consider that most radical ideas of paying as little tax as possible? Or if you’d like to do something a bit more visual but less useful why not burn an EU flag on the 5th (after going for a little walk).

It would seem that all our suspicions about the e-petitions may even have been optimistic, for ignoring the fact that the backbench committee has no mechanism to get them debated, they’ll still happily ignore a petition over 100,00 real signatures. If though horror or horrors an MP actually stands up and asks that they maybe debate having a debate to ask us what we thing of the EU – never fear call-me-Dave will just roll out a three line whip to make sure no one is so foolish as to represent the voice of those 100,000+ signatures. Despite all that effort this was the biggest euro-sceptic/pro-democracy rebellion in parliament since we got sucked into the EU, with an entire 17% of MPs thinking that maybe we should perhaps be asked about the EU. Those 17% may of course just have done some maths and decied that maybe they don’t want to piss off the 70% of the electorate that want a referendum – after all that’s a lot of voters.

Perhaps as LegIron suggests they’re all scared of actually governing and just want to play in the pretty building. So much easier to just go along with the undemocratic and ineffective EU

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