Upcoming EU vote perhaps maybe

EU burningRather late to the press with this but it would appear to be that our wonderful elected MP’s are going to ask the Government if they could perhaps maybe see fit to find sometime next year to consider asking us if we’d like to stay in the EU or not.
Or if you’d rather the actual wording (via: Douglas Carswell)
This house calls upon the government to introduce a bill in the next session of parliament to provide for the holding of a national referendum on whether the united kingdom:
A) should remain a member of the European Union on the current terms;
B) leave the european union; or
C) re-negotiate the terms of its membership in order to create a new relationship based on trade and co-operation”

The vote has been moved forward from the 27th of October to the 24th which of course makes it that bit trickier for people to get in touch with their MP’s in time. So in the meantime there is a rally in London to suggest that we might quite like a vote on the matter, and regardless of if you can make it or not do sign the peoples pledge asking for a referendum on the matter. Also as Captain Ranty suggests (and provides a template for) write to your MP. They may not get your letter in time for the vote but at least they’ll know that it’s a matter that people care about.

Of course for all the talk of cast iron guarantee’s from “call me Dave” rumour has it that the Tories will be whipped to vote against the bill. Yep the idea of a bill to ask the government to debate asking us about the EU sometime next year is so terrifying that it looks likely that Dave will call in the whips to make sure no debate happens, after all they’ve already moved the vote. So again all the more reason to let your MP know that you’ll be watching. As it’s not even as if the Government has to pay any attention to the result of the vote.

If that doesn’t get their attention you might want to consider taking part in a mass flag burning on the 5th November – which if I recall correctly the EU considers to be rather naughty.

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