A personal mile stone

Forgive the excessive number of navel gazing posts that this blog has indulged in of late, and allow me one more. This it seems is my 500th post – which given I started this back in 2011 just to post a write up of Old Holborns first little walk isn’t bad going. I really don’t seem to be able to break the post every 3 days average even if it is sporadic and involves days like today when I whitter on endlessly. Anyway to celebrate I’ve cracked open a bottle of my favourite home brew, a healthy little drop made … Continue reading

Drinkuary: Raining on the parade

This article was first posted on Drinkuary. Rejoice be glad the beer duty escalator has stopped and beer duty has been dropped by a penny!! Big whoop and it’s not even true despite the headlines. I hate to be the one to rain on the parade but the Daily Mash has it right the Chancellor has bought you for a penny. Let’s have a quick look at the parade before the rain clouds open: “Success for the TaxPayers’ Alliance MashBeerTax campaign with the scrapping of the beer duty escalator and a 1p cut in beer duty” – Tax Payers Alliance … Continue reading

Hiding the decline

Sorry if I’ve misled you but I’m afraid I’m not talking about climate change, but about the equally false problem with alcohol consumption. As Leg Iron and others often observe the puritans and statists only have one play book, everything they do follows the same strategy. So it is with the current panic over drinking, as the protests against alcohol controls rise and look like derailing the project along comes a handy study that shows the problem really is as bad as the puritans claim it’s just we’ve all been “lying about how much we drink”. It seems that according … Continue reading