We shouldn’t accept the puritans frame of reference

This post first appeared on Drinkuary I’ve changed the title, and am adding this slight introduction. By accepting the puritans idea that there are irresponsible drinkers who it’s ok to punish we’re handing them victory from the outset. They are already accusing the drinks industry of using the tactic of the tobacco industry – I fear that hey may be right, that the drinks industry hasn’t learnt anything from the Puritans attack on tobacco and will use the same tactics with the same results. They may slow it down, but once you accept that punishing “irresponsible” drinkers is ok, then … Continue reading

How’s that legislation working out?

This article was first posted on Drinkuary One interesting thing about the proposed legislation both minimum pricing and the bans on multi-buys is it’s all been tried before so we can look at other countries to get a rough idea of how well it’s gone. Starting really close to home over in Scotland it seems that banning multi-buys isn’t working terribly well. A year in retailers have largely responded by stopping selling single packs, so no more buying a single can of beer now you have to buy a 4+ pack. Sid Ali of Nisa Mintlaw, Aberdeenshire, said: “We took … Continue reading

In the pay of big Drinka

Wow I seem to have made it to the big time, or rather drinkuary has. It would seem that I’m in the pay of “big Drinka” over on the “Bad science” forums they’re discussing drinking and health related matters and someone linked to my humble endeavour and well it’s sparked a bit of a thread – which I shall be addressing on Drinkuary tomorrow, but this just tickled me so much I had to comment. Scottish Eric seems to think I’m in the pay of big Drinka, can’t wait for those cheques to start rolling in, some people more reasonably … Continue reading