Reasons to vote Brexit – 1, 2, 3

With apologies to the late, great Ian Dury for the title, I thought I might lay out why I’m in favour of leaving the EU as a matter of record and with no hope nor intention of trying to convince anyone else. I will warn you know this post is probably going to ramble quite a bit as the question of whether to leave the EU or not isn’t in some ways the simplest of things. I should observe to begin with that I’m a bit of an idealist, with classic liberal leanings and a tendency to min-archism. So as … Continue reading

Nice economy shame if anything were to happen to it

Time and again I hear that if we were to leave the EU our economy would suffer. Now that in it self is a reasonable enough argument but almost always one of the reasons given for our economy suffering is that the EU would punish us for leaving. By way of example : “Project fear is a fitting name you should be fucking terrified” “The EU member states (France and Germany especially) know this, and will be out to punish us, they will want nothing more than to watch us have 3 years where we trash our economy, only to … Continue reading

Discover this crazy life hack to cheat the bedroom tax

The introduction of the “Bed Room Tax”* by the Government in 2013 left many people worse off, facing the prospect of having to move out of their home into non-existent smaller accommodation with all the upheaval, stress and disruption that entails or to somehow manage to get by on a reduced income. However due to a little known government scheme it’s possible to stay where you are and actually increase your income! This crazy life hack which they don’t want you to know about, revives an old-fashioned method of turning empty rooms into Tax Free income! Now obviously as it’s … Continue reading