The Irony of Runnymede

Spiked have been running an excellent series of articles and held a fantastic talk in the run up to the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta. The video of the talk is well worth your time to watch, and I’d say they’ve probably done a better job of celebrating the anniversary than the Magna Carta 800th group who have all sorts of sponsorship but who even at this late hour are still saying: “An official ceremony to commemorate the 800th anniversary of the sealing of Magna Carta will take place on Runnymede Meadows on 15 June 2015. Surrey County Council and … Continue reading

UK politics in 60 seconds

To me the one defining feature of this general election campaign has been how little there is to choose between any of the parties, the main parties are the most obvious example of this but even the more “radical” fringe parties exhibit a surprising level of agreement with the main parties just below the surface. Sure they have maybe one or two “big” ideas that make them stand apart from the rest but outside of those key policy areas the differences quickly become remarkably hard to spot. Other people have already down a thoroughly good job at looking at this … Continue reading

In the interest of democracy

(This was originally posted to the book of face) Dear Internet, It hasn’t failed to escape my attention that there’s a general election thingy fast approaching. So in line with posts I’ve seen from quite a few of my friends I would urge you all to get out and vote – but if you vote or even just think about voting for a party I don’t like please de-friend yourself immediately. As we’re all mature adults and capable of reasoned and intelligent debate please beware that I’m not interested in knowing your reasons or any details of your local situation … Continue reading