The political gagging bill explained

I’m not actually dead just horribly busy which looks to continue for a while yet – mainly this is due to an excessive amount of social life, but I’m coping. So in the meantime a video made by 38degrees (who I trust about as far as I could throw Eric Pickles – but hell even a stopped clock is right twice a day). The political lobbying bill is going to impact independent campaigners and all sorts of actually amateur grass roots groups a hell of a lot more than the political lobbyists and even more than the political parties. Watch … Continue reading

Climatechanged the video

Following on from my previous post where I said the archive made a nice little slide show, I decided it should be put to music, enjoy… The melt water pools start forming around July 10th, reach the Buoy by July 19th (just), It’s not floating free (judging by how the buoy sits in the water) until July 25th, by July 27th it’s being pushed out of the water again and on July 28th it’s back on the ice. Yet July 22nd is when the climate changed apparently, I guess it got bored and changed back. Oh and via Watts up … Continue reading

Alice Cooper lays down the law

It’s far too hot and I’ve been hauling logs around by cycle trailer, so no coherent thoughts tonight, so here instead is Mr Alice Cooper laying down the law on Rock and other matters via with the sound advice that this generations needs to eat a steak and get the blood pumping. And as was said on the book of face by someone with brain cells less susceptible to melting than mine: “Ironic that the older generation now looks at the younger generation as frail, fuddy duddy, scared, insipid, past-it and dull. Nice one collectivistic schooling techniques, lawmakers and … Continue reading