Yet another Facebook contender

I meant to write about the problems with Facebook alternatives quite a while back, as there are many many problems with Facebook (and indeed all social media platforms) but so far no platform addresses them all or indeed very many of them. However the news that “Anonymous” are launching a Super-private social network is an excellent excuse to revisit the topic. As they’re in the news and the new kid on the block I’m going to use them as an example of how difficult the problems of online social network platforms actually are, all of the complaints and criticisms I … Continue reading

A tale of two walks – pt 2

It’s taken me a while to get back to this, but as promised previously here’s an account of the gathering of the “Million mask march” which took place later in the evening on the 5th. I first became aware of the plans for this march when I saw a post on FB which sadly I’ve lost the graphic of as it was rather amusing, calling for people to gather and re-enact a scene from a popular film. The virtual flyer tied it into a hodge podge of causes such as campaigning for a “chemical free Britain”, I’ve ranted before about … Continue reading

Who are Anonymous fighting?

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before I don’t really think all that much of “anonymous” or at least of their public actions. I can’t help but think they are at best well intentioned idiots – with, much like wikileaks, little concern for the collateral damage they cause as long as they get headlines. Time and again I wonder who they cause more damage to, or course it’s the nature of the “anonymous” movement that anyone can do anything and claim it was an act of “anonymous” – want to blow up a nuclear power station and claim it was the … Continue reading