What a start

So the “honourable” members are back to their subsidised bars restaurants and hard days of submitting fraudulent expenses claims. So how’s that first day gone? Well Jacqui Smith has read out a grudging apology for being caught claiming that a room at her sisters was her main home, and not the house family live at. But as she’s apologised it’s now all ok, no further action will be taken, not even for claiming for her husbands porn, and no she doesn’t have to give the money back. Which is perfectly reasonable you see, as claiming for an entire house obviously … Continue reading

And the award for not getting it…

Goes to Nadine Dorries supported by Iain Dale, though it was closely contested by Anthony Steen. I shall leave commentary on Ms Dorries amazing car crash of an outburst to others, as quite frankly I’m past caring about MPs not getting it. I’ve seen a couple that have understood what the problem is (but unfortunately only on TV at work whilst getting coffee so can’t name names) they’re news, the more common not getting it has had pretty much everything said. Though Ms Dorries claims about the Barclay brothers do take it to a whole new level (links to the … Continue reading

Here comes the new system same as the old system

I read about this in one of the free rags on my way home but don’t tend to trust those, but having now read it in the Telegraph it does in fact seem that the great answer to the problem of this terrible system which caused all of the trouble is…. a quango! of unelected unaccountable “independent regulators”! Independent regulators having worked so well in so many other fields, and wasn’t the fees office supposed to be independent? How can a government appointed regulator be any more independent than some nameless civil servants? The speaker is to be made purely … Continue reading