MPs expenses 4 weeks to go

Just to remind people the consultation on MP’s expenses end on the 11th of February. you can take part on line here: The Tax Payers Alliance have a fairly good run down of the questions on their Website (hat tip to Iain Dale again). +3-1

Speak up about MPs expenses

Via Iain Dale, the public consultation on MPs expenses is now open here: Such an important matter obviously needs to be very widely publicised. According to the web site: We are consulting on the new system for managing MPs’ expenses * The next parliament will start with a completely new system, independently designed and administered * This is only the first step of a continuing consultation on the role of Members of Parliament and of Parliament itself * We’d like to hear your views on our proposal for the new system. So go along and let them know what … Continue reading

The spoilation of Parliament

Just when you think that the mendacious scoundrels that sit in the palace of Westminster might have learnt to shut up and keep their heads down, they find new and interesting ways to dig up past scandals and heap more disrepute upon their heads. In this case we have three labour MP’s claiming that parliamentary privilege protects them from being prosecuted for fraud over dodgy claims (hat tip: Dizzy). However there may be a silver lining in this dark and stinking cloud, in that as observed by Captain Ranty it may yet test and revalidate the 1689 Bill of rights … Continue reading