NotW protests and bloggers

Having dragged myself away from both work and the Tour for a little bit, I discover that there’s been a bit happening this last week. The big story as far as the papers were concerned seems to have been the NotW getting caught out doing the same sort of stuff the rest of them all do. Though it’d seem that New International really aren’t the worst of them that prize goes to Trinity Mirror, but they of course aren’t run by the “evil” Murdochs. So there are fewer calls for the government to stamp on them, which rather ignores that … Continue reading

Us and them

As I’m for the moment actually going into the office to work, I’m once more looking through the metro and two articles rather caught my eye, partly for the content but more so for the juxtaposition of what they reported. As other better bloggers have already commented on the individual incidents I’ll just link to those rather than adding my two penn’orth. Article 1: Devils kitchen and Big Brother Watch both nicely report on a man being prosecuted for “perverting the course of justice” due to flashing his headlights to warn other drivers of a speed trap – thus causing … Continue reading

Stuff to read elsewhere

A couple of things for your Friday delectation. Firstly via comments over on Anna Raccoon there is the wonder that is Daed Parrot’s Sleaze-O-scope. A one stop shop for locating all the latest sleaze. And utterly unrelated to that a rather jolly rant against recycling. 0-1