Corbyn vote remain because Labour is useless

I may be missing something here, I often am, but as far as I can see Mr Corbyns calls to remain in the EU to protect workers rights is basically an admission that Labour are useless, will never be in power again or won’t protect workers rights if they are. some of you may think I’ve lost the plot here, but bear with me. The day after a Leave vote not a single UK law will be repealed or changed, in fact not a single UK law will be repealed or changed without the say so of Parliament. Now that … Continue reading

A random thought on Syria and Parliament

Finally catching up on all sorts of goings on that I’ve missed whilst work and life have been happening. Particularly a lot of commentary on a certain Parliamentary vote which apparently didn’t go the way the Prime Minister wanted and this is according to many a terrible thing and has ruined our standing in the world and so forth. With few exceptions most seem to think this has ruined our special relationship with the US (who won’t support us over the Falkand Islands), and oddly I’ve not seen anyone saying how finally we’ve got over our notions of grandeur.  This … Continue reading