A random thought on Syria and Parliament

Finally catching up on all sorts of goings on that I’ve missed whilst work and life have been happening. Particularly a lot of commentary on a certain Parliamentary vote which apparently didn’t go the way the Prime Minister wanted and this is according to many a terrible thing and has ruined our standing in the world and so forth. With few exceptions most seem to think this has ruined our special relationship with the US (who won’t support us over the Falkand Islands), and oddly I’ve not seen anyone saying how finally we’ve got over our notions of grandeur.  This … Continue reading

Obama says “Hold me back lads, or I’ll do some damage”

(This post first appeared on Knee Jerk Reactions) Now I realise that the situation in Syria is terribly complex and I’m probably missing a lot of very important details but if I understand things correctly the situation is something like this. Someone attacked someone else with some sort of chemical weapon Some people claimed it was the Syrian government The Syrian government said it wasn’t them Then some other people said it was the rebels Meanwhile some UN inspectors have gone in to find out what exactly was used in the hopes they can figure out who did it. Rather … Continue reading