This is it boys, this is war

Yesterday our parliament had a rather long debate on if we should extend our bombing operations in Iraq into Syria to join the multinational effort to tackle Da’esh. There’s been an awful lot said about this both before and after the vote so I’m afraid I’m unlikely to add any massive insight, but for what it’s worth here’s my rambling take on matters. Whilst Mr Cameron did make a bit of an idiot mistake in casting the “terrorist sympathizer” comment a bit wide, it is sadly true that both Mr Corbyn and Mr McDonnell have track records of sympathizing with … Continue reading

A question for Green Party supporters

As the Green Party seem to be gaining in popularity many people have taken a look at the parties policies and in the past some people have questioned if the parties more high-profile members are really practicing what they preach. Today though neither of those things really concerns me, instead I want to ask those that support the green party or are thinking of joining the party a question. I’ve already asked this question of the Green supporters amongst my friends and not really got much of an answer. The question I have is are you comfortable with the Green … Continue reading

Obama says “Hold me back lads, or I’ll do some damage”

(This post first appeared on Knee Jerk Reactions) Now I realise that the situation in Syria is terribly complex and I’m probably missing a lot of very important details but if I understand things correctly the situation is something like this. Someone attacked someone else with some sort of chemical weapon Some people claimed it was the Syrian government The Syrian government said it wasn’t them Then some other people said it was the rebels Meanwhile some UN inspectors have gone in to find out what exactly was used in the hopes they can figure out who did it. Rather … Continue reading