A tale of two walks – pt 1.

So November the 5th rolled round again and I went for a gentle stroll around Westminster, a whole bunch more people went for a march later as well – I’ll get to them later. As has become traditional I started in a rather pleasant public house for a drink to brace myself against the weather. The rather enthusiastic rain combined with the small number of fellow walkers meant I discarded my plan to wear Guy Fawkes make up and just went for a gentle stroll to admire the latest additions to the security theatre along Whitehall. As one of my … Continue reading

Ron Paul on the TSA

Probably old news to loads of you, but just got linked to this, Ron Paul making some excellent points about airport/aircraft security and relying on the Government to protect us generally. The comparative fatality rates given are quite striking. If you’ve not seen it it’s just 5 minutes so enjoy. +10