Trouble delivered as ordered

So just as predicted if not required there was it seems a certain amount of trouble at todays G20 protests. Having been sat at home working I can only go by the reports sent in by the BBC, blogs and other media outlets. Which probably gives me as much authority to comment as most people we’ll see on TV or read in the papers. Apart from the numpties that tried to bring an armoured car into the city, which I’d expect to encounter no small degree of interest even on the best of days. Especially when it does look so … Continue reading

Kicking off

So appropriately enough tomorrow’s April fools day and the powers that be have declared it to be the day when troubles should begin. After all with so many important people around and security being so very the flavour of the day, any response at all to so much as a gnat farting in the general direction of the great and good must be both appropriate and proportionate no matter what form it takes. There’ll be the usual suspects of course, and no doubt a few people there to ensure that some trouble happens. Just in case people aren’t suitably scared, … Continue reading

Obviously no connection to real events

Quiet a few people of late have been wondering if the government might be getting rather eager for riots to happen this summer, in what they’re already calling a “summer of rage”*, so that they can play with the little reported Civil Contingencies Act 2004. This act basically gives high ranking politicians and officials the power to do whatever they like in the event of an “emergency”, where in its broadest reading an “emergency” is whatever they decide it is. It is in many ways quite a plausible idea, whilst also being somewhat close to the “tin foil wearing” end … Continue reading