Riot for the media

So the students have taken to the streets to protest at the proposed changes to student funding. On the plus side they start out with some very nice placards clearly stating their cause, then left a load of grafitti which didn’t mention it. The rather pointless riot somewhat spoilt it though, starting initially in the wrong place and then attacking a rented office filled mainly with people with no power or little influence – surely protesting outside Parliament would have been more productive? Whilst the students are angry and have grievances to put across I can’t help feel that it … Continue reading

Naming the seasons

So the Summer of rage[tm] is drawing to a close without all that much rage being in evidence. Anger, disgust and even outrage but none of the rage we were promised. so I’d just like to get in before the usual suspects do and suggest that we are about to move into: The Autumn of anarchy This may or may not be followed by a re-run of a winter of discontent, which I hope will be followed by the The Spring of sedition Remember you heard it here first. +2-1

Climate Camp comedy

The news tells me that Climate Camp in Greenwich now presumably being in full swing, I don’t know if it is or isn’t I’ve not been down there and have no intention in going. At least not without being heavily armed with non-organic petrochemical based soap to keep the hippies at bay. From their website it seems it’s not meant to be a protest but an educational event, I guess that having it as a camp saves on renting a venue and the publicity and location makes it more likely that bored middle class students will put on posh welly’s … Continue reading